Event Details

Innovative Project Showcase on Energy & Environment

The project showcase on energy and the environment serves as a dynamic platform for presenting innovative solutions and initiatives aimed at addressing pressing environmental challenges within the energy sector. Participants present a diverse array of projects spanning renewable energy integration, carbon footprint reduction strategies, sustainable resource management, and eco-friendly technologies. Through interactive displays, presentations, and discussions, attendees gain valuable insights into cutting-edge research, practical applications, and collaborative efforts driving positive change in the realm of energy and the environment. The showcase not only highlights the creativity and ingenuity of individuals and organizations but also fosters networking opportunities and knowledge exchange, ultimately inspiring collective action towards a more sustainable and resilient future.

Program Benefits:

1. Prize Money
2. Certificate of Participation
3. Lunch Package

Prize Money:

1st Prize -7K
2nd Prize-5K
3rd Prize-3K
4th Prize-2K

Registration Fees and Procedure

The registration fee for each project is BDT 600.00 and should be paid no later than 04 May 2024. For each project registration maximum of 2 people can participate. The registered participants will be provided with event materials, refreshments, and lunch packs during the sessions.

Project proposal template link: (First Step)


Registration Link: (Second Step)