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ArchRUET students "RECOGNIZED ENTRY" for architectural idea competition "Dots for The Blind " by Architize

Hireath: A Place for Longing


The aim of the competition is to design a structure (or a complex of structures) which bridges the gap between the blind and the non-blind. Something that erases the distinction between how the blind and the non-blind experience the world differently. A place which the blind can enjoy just as much as a person who can see.
We designed a place for the people of Syria, a country that is devastated by wars. A lot of people lose their eyesight in the wars. We chose the design methods as in Turkish Isalmic Garden. A garden, where you’ll need 4 of the other senses other than visualization. Sense of temperature, Sound, smell and touch. As one enters the place, he can easily sense welcoming reception from the change of temperature from the outside. Feeling the mystic of the place and then murmuring sound of running water gives direction where the path leads. The adjacent garden, filled with fragrant flower plants gives hints of its presence. Garden is oriented as per the wind flows. While the whole multi sensory architectural setup will help the blind people to move on their own,The aesthetic setup will bring peace in the sighted people’s mind.
Path starting from the hall of memory, reminding all about the memories of war leads to the peaceful garden that helps to HEAL everyone.

Team Members:

  1. Harun Or Tanvir, 16 Series, Department of Architecture, RUET
  2. Nowshin Tabassum, 16 Series, Department of Architecture, RUET
  3. Faisal Mahmud, 16 Series, Department of Architecture, RUET

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