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ArchRUET students "RECOGNIZED ENTRY" for architectural idea competition "Accentuating Rain " by ArchTwist

Top 25 Finalist and Honorable Mention for “Accentuating Rain” by ArchTwist (www.archtwist.com)

Team Code: AR251


Concept: Rain and Life

Every life in nature feels rain in their own way. When the nigrescent sky brings the hail, each life seeks to be sheltered. A bird’s viewpoint in its safe nest during rain, a frog’s viewpoint under colocasia shade croaking, a fish’s viewpoint from the water surface or a mere animal’s viewpoint under a shade during rain, all these create a sylvan sensation.

The concept is to bring this sensation to juxtapose with the intervention to let human feel rain in other life’s perspective. Men has a strong emotional connection with rain and this superior bond came from the living and merging with the nature from our ancestors. Today in modern era, we have lost that bond because of our reticular structure, in our design we created different places from where we can perceive comprehend nature and bring our dilapidated emotion back.

In our design, we created a linear journey, from going above to experiencing under. We designed a platform from where we can perceive how birds take shelter from the rain, how they enjoy rain in their own way. Then we created a platform from where we can see the lifeforms hidden by the plants and soil, the tiny creatures react to rain.

We created another platform near a water source like pond, from where we can see the ripples and the dance of the rain on the water. Also, to see how the creatures on the water react to this natural phenomenon.

Our idea was to get close to the nature as our soul and emotion is strongly bonded with it. Our life is now full of technology and infrastructure and we hardly notice about our surroundings. In our design we wanted to create a relationship with our surroundings as another form of self-consciousness.

Team Members:

  1. Maliha Islam, 16 Series, Department of Architecture, RUET
  2. Samiha Sultana Tuly, 16 Series, Department of Architecture, RUET
  3. Mahamudul Hasan Ashik, 16 Series, Department of Architecture, RUET