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ArchRUET students "RECOGNIZED ENTRY" for architectural idea competition "Accentuating Rain " by ArchTwist

Story of Rain

Our dream is to make an opportunity for the city-based people who generally can’t get the chance to celebrate the rain like the village people. We wanted to create a place for them in the heart of the city, where a huge number of crowds are always seen passing through the streets, walking through the road side. In such a busy space rain is always a part of burden.

We want to transform the burden into happiness through our design. Our proposed site is a part of “PANTHAKUNJA” (an existing park besides the road of KARWAN BAZAR). We propose a change in a small portion of the park to experience the story of rain. We wanted to design a space where people can enjoy the flavor of rain, a space to feel the existence of himself, a place which connects the earth, water, soul of human being -with the rain, a place of relaxation in the busy life of city people.

Team member:

  • Arif Anjum Touhid, 16 Series, Department of Architecture, RUET
  • Mahedi Azam, 16 Series, Department of Architecture, RUET
  • Mahmud Khan, 16 Series, Department of Architecture, RUET

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