Event Details

A open seminar on Computer-Generated Holograms

 ATTENTION, BRILLIANT UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS! Are you ready to step into the fascinating world of Computer-Generated Holograms?  Join us for an upcoming Research Seminar that promises to unveil the magic behind this cutting-edge technology! **

 Date: [03 October 2023] **** 

Time: [10.30 am] ** 

Location: [ETE Seminar Room]

In this seminar, we'll explore the wizardry of Computer-Generated Holograms, delve into their applications across various industries, and learn how they're shaping the future of visual computing. Whether you're a computer science enthusiast, a visual arts aficionado, or simply curious about the wonders of holography, this seminar is your gateway to a world of knowledge and innovation. Don't miss this golden opportunity to expand your horizons and be part of a community passionate about pushing the boundaries of technology! Stay tuned for more details and the official agenda. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need more information. Let's embark on this holographic journey together!