Dr. Md. Abdul Kader

ড. মোঃ আব্দুল কাদের

Associate Professor

  •  Phone:   880-1766874942
  •  Email:
Field of Research
  •  Mechanical Metamaterials
  •  Nature-inspired Materials
  •  Biomedical Materials
  •  Composite Materials
  •  Additive Manufacturing
  •  Finite Element Modelling

  •  First Joined: 15th Apr, 2010
  •      Dept. of Mechanical Engineering



Book / Book Chapter
Journal Articles
Conference Papers
SL Authors Title Publisher Details Publication Year Type
1 S. Saha, M.R.I. Sarker, M.A. Kader, M.M. Ahmed, S.S. Tuly, N.N. Mustafi Development of a vacuum double-slope solar still for enhanced freshwater productivity Solar Energy (Elsevier) 2024 Journal
2 J. Ferdous, M. S. Hossain, M. S. Rahman, M. A. Kader, M. R. Islam Experimental investigation of optimum bio-oil production parameters through co-pyrolysis of three organic wastes Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis (Elsevier) 2024 Journal
3 M. M. Kamal, S. Mahmud, I. A. Plabon, M. A. Kader, M. N. Islam Effects of sintering temperature on the physical, structural, mechanical and antimicrobial properties of extracted hydroxyapatite ceramics from Anabas testudineus bone and head scull for biomedical applications Results in Materials (Elsevier) 2024 Journal
4 M. R. Islam, M. Parveen, M.S. Rahman, J. Ferdous, M.A. Kader, K. Takai Thermo chemical conversion of cedar wood by pyrolysis technology for bio-oil Biofuels (Taylor & Francis Group) 2023 Journal
5 J. Tao, P. Tahmasebi, M.A. Kader, D. Feng, M. Sahimi, P.D. Evans, M. Saadatfar Wood biomimetics: Capturing and simulating the mesoscale complexity of willow using cross-correlation reconstruction algorithm and 3D printing Materials & Design (Elsevier) 2023 Journal
6 M.K. Islam, H. Wang, P.J. Hazell, M.A. Kader, J.P. Escobedo Quasi-static response of horse hoof inspired biomimetic structures Materials Today: Proceedings (Elsevier) 2022 Journal
7 M.A. Kader, P.J. Hazell, M.A. Islam, S. Ahmed, M.M. Hossain, J.P. Escobedo, M. Saadatfar Strain-rate dependency and impact dynamics of closed-cell aluminium foams Materials Science and Engineering: A (Elsevier) 2021 Journal
8 M.M. Hossain, S. Al-Deen, M.K. Hassan, S.K. Shill, M.A. Kader, W. Hutchison Mechanical and thermal properties of hybrid fibre-reinforced concrete exposed to recurrent high temperature and aviation oil Materials (MDPI) 2021 Journal
9 P.J. Hazell, H. Wang, T. Lin, M. Saleh, V. Luzin, M.A. Kader, M. Saadatfar, A. Ameri, C. Ellis On the improvement of the ballistic performance of a silicon carbide tile through pre-stress: Experiments and simulations International Journal of Impact Engineering (Elsevier) 2021 Journal
10 M.A. Islam, M.A. Kader, P.J. Hazell, J.P. Escobedo, A.D. Brown and M. Saadatfar Effects of impactor shape on the deformation and energy absorption of closed-cell aluminium foams under low velocity impact Materials and Design (Elsevier) 2020 Journal
11 M.A. Kader, A.D. Brown, P.J. Hazell, V. Robins, J.P. Escobedo and M. Saadatfar Geometrical and topological evolution of closed-cell structures: An X-ray tomography study International Journal of Impact Engineering (Elsevier) 2020 Journal
12 M.A. Kader, P.J. Hazell, A.D. Brown, M. Tahtali, S. Ahmed, J.P. Escobedo and M. Saadatfar Novel design of closed-cell foam structures for property enhancement Additive Manufacturing (Elsevier) 2020 Journal
13 M.A. Islam, A.D. Brown, P.J. Hazell, M.A. Kader, J.P. Escobedo, M. Saadatfar, S. Xu, D. Ruan Mechanical Response and Dynamic Deformation Mechanisms of Closed-cell Aluminium Alloy Foams Under Dynamic Loading International Journal of Impact Engineering (Elsevier) 2018 Journal
14 M.A. Kader, M.A. Islam, M. Saadatfar, P.J. Hazell, A.D. Brown, S. Ahmed, J.P. Escobedo Macro and micro collapse mechanisms of closed-cell aluminium foams during quasi-static compression Materials & Design (Elsevier) 2017 Journal
15 M.S. Hossain, M.R. Islam, M.S. Rahman, M.A. Kader, H. Haniu Biofuel from co-pyrolysis of solid tire waste and rice husk Energy Procedia (Elsevier) 2017 Journal
16 M.A. Kader, M.A. Islam, P.J. Hazell, J.P. Escobedo, M. Saadatfar, A.D. Brown, G.J. Appleby-Thomas Modelling and characterization of cell collapse in aluminium foams during dynamic loading International Journal of Impact Engineering (Elsevier) 2016 Journal
17 M.A. Islam, M.A. Kader, P.J. Hazell, A.D. Brown, M. Saadatfar, M.Z. Quadir, J.P. Escobedo Investigation of microstructural and mechanical properties of cell walls of closed-cell aluminium alloy foams Materials Science and Engineering: A (Elsevier) 2016 Journal
18 M. A. Kader, M. A. Islam, P. J. Hazell, J. P. Escobedo, M. Saadatfar, A. Brown Computational Modelling of Closed-Cell Aluminium Foams to Investigate Structural Deformation under Quasi-Static Loading Applied Mechanics and Materials (Scientific.Net) 2016 Journal
19 M. A. Kader, M. R. Islam, M. Parveen, H. Haniu, K. Takai Pyrolysis Decomposition of Tamarind Seed for Alternative Fuel Bioresource Technology (Elsevier) 2013 Journal
20 M. A. Kader, M. R. Islam, M. S. Hossain, H. Haniu Development of a pilot scale pyrolysis plant for production of liquid fuel from waste tire Mechanical Engineering Research Journal (MERJ), CUET, ISSN: 1990-5491 2013 Journal
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