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Ashadul Islam

আসাদুল ইসলাম

Assistant Professor

  •  Phone:   880-1738244476
  •  Email:
Field of Research
  •  Structural Engineering
  •  Sustainable and Green Building Technology

  •  First Joined: 03rd Dec, 2017
  •      Dept. of Building Engineering & Construction Management



Book / Book Chapter
Journal Articles
Conference Papers
SL Authors Title Publisher Details Publication Year Type
1 Mehedi Hasan, Shayla Sharmin, Showaib Ahmed Chowdhury, Ashadul Islam and Aojoy Kumar Shuvo A Study of Safety Culture Practice in Running Construction Project of Bangladesh Journal of Civil and Construction Engineering, Volume-7, Issue-1, e-ISSN: 2457-001X, pp. 47-56 2021 Journal
2 Mehedi Hasan, Aojoy Kumar Shuvo , Showaib Ahmed Chowdhury , Shayla Sharmin , Ashadul Islam A Comprehensive Study of Present Conditions, Causes and Mitigation Measures for Road Traffic Accident at Rajshahi Metropolitan City, Rajshahi, Bangladesh Journal of Recent Activities in Infrastructure Science; e-ISSN: 2582-3124; Volume-6, Issue-1 (January-April, 2021) 2021 Journal
3 Ashadul Islam and Md. Kamruzzaman Assessment of Thermal Comfort in Rural Earthen Building: A Case Study Journal of Construction and Building Materials Engineering, Volume-7, Issue-1 (January-April, 2021), pp. 46-56, e-ISSN: 2581-6454 2021 Journal
4 Ashadul Islam, Aojoy Kumar Shuvo, Showaib Ahmed Chowdhury, Shayla Sharmin, Mehedi Hasan A Comparative Study on the Properties of Natural, Synthetic and Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete Journal of Civil Engineering and Construction 2021;10(4):216-224 2021 Journal
5 Md. Kamruzzaman, Ashadul Islam and G. M. Harun-Or-Rashid Building Related Measures for Energy Conservation International Conference on Energy & Environment, ICEE_2018_187, 28-29 September, Sylhet, Bangladesh 2018 Conference
6 Ashadul Islam and Julias Seazer A study on Indoor Thermal Comfort by Roof Top Gardening UITS Journal of Science & Engineering, Vol. 6, Issue:1, ISSN: 2521-4107, pp. 7-18 2017 Journal
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