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ME II Crack Platoon team ranks 8th in Formula Student Switzerland

Team Crack Platoon from the department of ME (RUET) ranked 8th overall at Formula Student Switzerland earlier this month (July 2023), participating against 22 teams from 12 countries. They also clinched the 4th position in the 'business plan presentation' category at the competition.  Crack Platoon is the country's first SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) team dedicated to fabricating automotive vehicles to compete in student formula competitions. The competition, called Formula Switzerland, is an international engineering design contest first organized by the Society of Automotive Engineers in 1979. This competition serves as an essential platform for aspiring mechanical engineers to showcase their talent, test their mettle, and explore cutting-edge technologies from alternative energy sources to smart vehicle systems.  Team Crack Platoon has recently created CP E 23, an electric vehicle using local and eco-friendly materials, with which they competed in the event.

RUET team ranks 8th in Formula Student Switzerland | The Daily Star