Achievement Details

1st Runner Up: @-Cisco IoT Hackathon – 2018

This was a national level hackathon arranged by Cisco in ULAB in 2018. Team IQbator got primarily selected in online submission out of 98 team submissions all around Bangladesh. IQbator placed in top 12 teams who were invited to the final hackathon. It was a 16 hours hackathon. The team came up an idea to automate the artificial apiculture system with addition of more advanced technology like Big Data Analysis & more other architectural development. Tazbinur Rahaman from ECE-16 (holding the voucher from right of the picture) was a key member of the team. He contributed to the team by writing the whole Arduino code & making interconnections among the sensors & electrical components of the system with new architecture. Isfar Nafis from ECE-15 (holding the voucher from left of the picture) contributed with assembling the components. The team won the 1st Runner Up title of the hackathon. Another hackathon, another success for ECE!